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Hello everyone,
TOKYO69 project belonging to a Singapore-based company is doing a spree/shopping service for Vk stuffs, shipping to outside Japan & Singapore option is also available. If interested you can visit their facebook page!


1) For Jrock & Visual Kei CDs/DVDs

2) For PS Company Online Store

Thank you for your attention!
28 December 2010 @ 11:54 am
Hello everyone! was searching for various visual-kei related communities and came across this one. Although Im now located in tokyo, Im a Singaporean so Ive decided to join this comm ^^

I am also writing live reports for this english website Tokyo69. There are visual-kei live concert reports, etc.
Please take a look if you are interested! We have just started and need you, and your friends' (no matter from SG or other parts of the world) support!!


Thank you!!
20 October 2010 @ 08:30 pm

Hi, hope you don't mind me posting here!

I'm YUU, and this is my first time posting here (>_<)

-- R E I D A N 零弾

We're fangirls selling Jrock stuffs, such as:

Well, of course, sometimes, we'll sell other items not related to jrock.

*** Reidan is now shipping world-wide !!! *banzai!!*
But unfortunately, we still don't have paypal. So you could only mail us the money.
Most fangirls did so, and we received the payment. And they got their item.

We're currently based in Singapore.
So, for singaporeans, the good thing is, we can mail you your items.
But as for the cash, we can meet-up if you feel unsafe.

Items for sale...Collapse )Thank you.
-- YUU;
hi to all Jrock fans!!

i'm helping a Japanese events company do a little survey. They are interested in bringing Visual Kei, Jrock (and maybe Jpop) artistes/bands to perform in Singapore.

so if you could help me out (I promised to help do this and consolidate the results for them),
could you please drop me a message or leave a comment?

Which Visual Kei/Jrock band/artiste would you like to see perform in Singapore?

the more people who reply, the better =)
cos this will also help the events company gauge how many people will be interested to watch them live in Singapore.

thank you very much!!

I came across this Request for X Japan to stage a concert in Singapore petition.
I don't know if it works with merely 257 pathetic signatures. But no harm trying :D

Keep the petition going......


16 September 2008 @ 12:23 am

I can hardly belive this myself! But a friend who suscribes to LAMC told me that MUCC is coming down to town this November on the 8th!

Although I went to their MySpace and Official Site, I can't seem to find the tour schedule but they are also visiting Bangkok and KL! Not sure if its confirmed but it is said to be in Fort Canning!

Honestly, I'm not such a HUGE fan, the only album I have heard is their B-Sides or something like that... My bad!

Oh, sorry for the late intro, I'm new here!
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27 June 2008 @ 03:04 pm

Upcoming Events by Eventful


Upcoming Events by Eventful
13 May 2008 @ 06:30 pm
Event: [Singapore Street Festival '08 Street Revolution!] D'J Party (J-Rock & Cosplay)
Location : Suntec City Mall Level 1 Outside MNG Boutique (Air conditioned)
Time : 12:30pm - 9pm
Date: 25th May 2008

12:30 - [1st Band] Nowplaying
13:15 - [2nd Band] Absinthe
14:00 - [3rd Band] Wk'End Vacancy
14:45 - [4th Band] Rush
16:00 - [5th Band] Skyler
16:45 - [6th Band] SectorFive
17:30 - [7th Band] BuckleBerry
18:15 - [8th Band] Quis
19:15 - [9th Band] Razzle Play
20:00 - [Closing Band]

Here's a link that tells you more about the event.
SGClub discussion
Sgcafe is currently down so I cannot look for the thread.
29 March 2008 @ 03:51 pm
I was actually expecting this place to be a little bit busier since the link was posted on both SGClub and SGCafe but it seem to be pretty much the same like when I first joined.

Anywho, I hate wasting links so follow the cut to a few downloads

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